Manuel Weber has seven years experience at a major
architectural firm, education in design and interned
at a model shop in Berlin, Germany.

If you design it, Manuel can build it!
Laser Vinyl Cutting
Small and detail cutting capability
Coming Soon
Wood Models
Material typically consisting of bass and birch
Glass can be added
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Wobble Boards
13”, 15” and 18” boards
¾” plywood
Rubber grip
Coming Soon
Acrylic Models
Predominantly plexiglass
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Plexiglass earrings
Custom designs
Silver/gold post & backs
Coming Soon
Laser Cutting & Engraving
Table size 32” x 18”
Thickness limitation is ¼”
Materials include plexiglass, wood, etc.
Engraving – glass, wood, plexiglass (no metal cutting)
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